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Faith Resources Newsletter - Number 78 - May - June 2018

It doesn’t matter whether one is living in a world which justifies optimism or pessimism. Our responsibility, before God, is to endeavour to outline principles upon which a [Catholic] restoration may take place and to work as hard as we can to make those principles prevail, regardless of the prospects. BA (Bob) Santamaria

Message from the Manager
Welcome to our May-June Edition of the Cardinal Newman Faith Resources Newsletter. A warm thank for your prayers and the incredible generosity of those who have helped us afford some new display spinners and second hand Dexion wall shelving.
At St Marys, we are excited about our extension and are blessed with several hard-working volunteers who have already started the ball rolling. Two Catholic Bookshops in the western Sydney region have closed their premises in the last twelve months so we are very busy in the meantime.
The display of Parousia Media products continues to grow. In addition to the vast range of CDs we have all of the amazing Ascension Press Programmes on display. If there is anything you are interested in or are running parish evangelisation programmes please ring us. We offer a 20% discount to parishes in the same manner as we do Father Murphy’s Faith Catechetical Workbooks.
Evangelisation is hard. In the words of Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, “we are often hated and spat upon for speaking the truth”. It is a privilege to be a Catholic but with that privilege comes responsibility. We must seize opportunities that comes our way, through word and example, to spread our beautiful Faith, despite the risk that we will suffer. Arming ourselves, by learning more about the Faith and developing our spiritual life is primarily achieved by frequent reception of the sacraments, attending Mass, and praying often. We must , however, build on this by reading good Catholic books, watching DVDS about the Saints or on spiritual and devotional topics, listening to Catholic talks and music on CDs and buying sacramentals for ourselves, our homes and as gifts for relatives and friends for the reception of the sacraments, birthdays, Easter and Christmas. Some priests believe there are two generations of Catholics who have not been evangelised. Through good example we can help many of these people. Our simple acts of kindness are usually met with grateful thanks but if you wear a crucifix it may be noticed. A question may be asked such as “Why?” A simple response could be “Well, because I love God who suffered and died for me, I wear this as a reminder to me of His Love for me. In bad times, it reminds me that He is with me giving me graces to get through.” Preaching a one hour lecture to someone who needs us may not be all that wise or fruitful but grasping small opportunities to display a deep love for Our Lord and having a knowledge of our Faith often helps that person think. If they ask more then we can continue the conversation if we have been educated to know God. If they do not continue the conversation we have done what we can but they might begin their own search for God.          
We have many highly recommended books and materials to help people know, love and serve God. Father Tierney’s work for the upcoming Plenary Council and his Handouts are invaluable resources. Please help us continue our mission by praying for us and our supporters, buying from us, reading Father’s great work, recommending us to your friends and relatives and continuing to donate to our cause in any way you can. Father remembers each and every one of you in his daily Mass. Come and visit us and see our new room. Thank you for your prayers and generosity. May God continue to bless you and your families.

Note that Handouts 161 Quadratic Equations is not included in this newsletter and is available here.

Gai Smith

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The Watchful Hour: A Scriptural Companion to Eucharistic Adoration by Fr Florian Racine $8.95
“God cannot give us a greater gift than that of the Eucharist.” This Companion presents what the Eucharist is, what is fulfilled in the Holy Mass, what Communion and adoration are, and why and how to enter into adoration ‘‘in spirit and truth’’. Through Scripture, Church teaching and the works of the saints we discover that in adoring the Son, we are driven towards the Father to receive the Holy Spirit and, therefore, we become true disciples.  Split into twenty stages, adorers can reflect on one stage at a time during or after the weekly hour of adoration. This Companion acts as a school of adoration offered to every believer.
Irresistible Joy CD by Scott Hahn $5.00
All Catholics have been called to participate in the New Evangelisation, but many of us hesitate. Dr. Scott Hahn reminds us that we can all share the Gospel by spreading its joy. The world offers countless pleasures, but only Christ can offer lasting joy, which we all find irresistible. The more we enjoy being Catholic, the more contagious our faith will be, and the more we will win back the fallen away for Christ.
The Fourth Cup by Scott Hahn (Hardback) $34.95
From the bestselling author of The Lamb's Supper and Signs of Life comes an illuminating work on the Catholic Eucharist and its link to the Jewish Passover meal. In this brilliant book--part memoir, part detective story, and part biblical study--Scott Hahn opens up new vistas on ancient landscapes while shedding light on his own enduring faith journey.

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible – Starter Pack by Jeff Cavins and Sarah Christmyer $149.95
This starter pack is what every leader needs to begin Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. It includes: •4 DVD Set (eight 30-minute sessions presented by Jeff Cavins)•Leader’s Guide (with The Bible Timeline Chart and Bookmark)•Student Workbook (with The Bible Timeline Chart and Bookmark). Each study participant should have a Student Workbook (extra Student Workbooks are available for $29.95each), and each small-group facilitator should have a Leader’s Guide. About Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible: This engaging journey through Salvation History provides the easiest way to understand the Bible. Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible makes the complex simple. It helps you uncover the story woven throughout Scripture so that you can get the “big picture” of the Bible and understand what it is all about. The Bible is a story about the Father’s unfailing love for you - a love that you are now called to share with others. Take advantage of our generous discounts for bulk orders.


Aquinas's Shorter Summa: Saint Thomas Own Concise Version of His Summa Theologica $31.95
The essentials of Catholic doctrine are clearly and succinctly presented. Two years before he died, St. Thomas Aquinas was asked by his assistant, Brother Reginald, to write a simple summary of the Faith of the Catholic Church for those who lacked the time or the stamina to tackle his massive Summa Theologica. In response, the great saint quickly set down — in language that non-scholars can understand — his peerless insights into the major topics of theology: the Trinity, Divine Providence, the Incarnation of Christ, the Last Judgment, and much more. Here is a handy reference source for the essential truths of the Catholic Faith.
Hints of Heaven: The Parables of Christ and What They Mean for You by Fr George W Rutler $21.95
Christ knew that the splendour of heaven is too great for us to bear just now, and so he used parables as clues to the mystery of paradise. In them are hints of heaven, and they offer profound spiritual advice meant to guide us on the road to eternal glory.
In Heaven We'll Meet Again: The Saints and Scripture on Our Heavenly Reunion by F R Blot $21.95
Are loved ones reunited in Heaven? The saints say “Absolutely!” In wise and consoling letters written to a mother sorrowing over the death of her child, Fr. François René Blot, S.J., here summons the Church’s greatest saints who testify with one voice that death’s wound, though grievous, separates us but for a short while from those who die before us.

Lights in a Dark Town by Meriol Trevor $24.95
This is a colourful and dramatic story for youth about the life of John Henry Newman, famous British priest, preacher and pastor. To the Birmingham of 1849 comes Emmeline Erle, with her mother, and they are plunged from the sun of the Continent into a city of smoke and grime. The town is one of great contrasts; progress and poverty, industrial expansion and murky slums, new villas and filthy streets go side by side. Dark and light battle in the minds of its people too, principles of freedom and tolerance struggling with ignorance and prejudice, deep doubt of religious truth coexisting with fanaticism. (Ignatius Press have kindly reprinted this 1964 Classic).
What the Saints Never Said: Pious Misquotes and the Subtle Heresies They Teach You by Trent Horn $19.95
"God helps those who help themselves." - The Bible? "Preach the gospel always; when necessary, use words." - St. Francis of Assisi?  Sayings like these are such a part of modern pious tradition that we assume they come from the Bible, the mouths of saints, or the pens of famous Christian writers. In this book apologist Trent Horn takes over forty of these well-known but dubious sayings and  sets the record straight!
The Four Men: A Farrago by Hilaire Belloc Introduction by Joseph Pearce on special for $26.95
Belloc's travel-farrago is a whimsical narrative, in which four unforgettable characters walk their native county of Sussex, to sing its songs, drink its beer, and praise it before Time changes it forever.

What Catholics are Free to Believe Or Not by Fr H G Hughes $16.95
Fatima, relics, miracles and more: about these and scores of other claims of the Catholic Faith, most people are simply wrong . . . including many Catholics! They're mistaken about what the Church really requires believers to accept, and unclear about just what She's left to the discretion of the faithful. To overcome these errors which can breed doubts and confusion in Catholics and non-Catholics alike the late Father Hughes here provides clear, succinct, detailed answers to what Catholics are bound to believe and practice, and what they're free to dismiss.
Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics by Father Henri Morice $21.95
The author, Fr. Henri Morice, helps you see the bad things that happen to you in the glorious light of God’s loving Providence. He dispels some of the mystery surrounding human suffering to reveal how God draws goodness — for your own soul and for the souls of others — out of even the worst tragedies you suffer. You’ll discover here how to recognize God’s love working in all the events of your life, day by day, moment by moment.

The Art of Forming Young Catholics by Everett Fritz $21.95
Not long ago, veteran Youth Minister Everett Fritz counted the number of his former Youth Group members who were still practicing the Faith. The result? Almost all of them had left the Faith! Fritz learned that other parishes reported similar staggering losses, pointing to a grim truth: today’s Youth Ministries simply do not form young people into lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. Not satisfied with these dismal results, Fritz devised a different way of forming young people in the Faith. It’s an approach that can truly transform the spiritual lives of young people by applying the same one-to-one personal method that Jesus Himself used to form his twelve original disciples . . . only one of whom was lost!
Mary: Handmaid of the Lord CD by Mother Teresa $5.00
Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is known throughout the world as a woman who was totally committed to the Gospel. In this inspiring talk, she shares her insights on the Blessed Virgin Mary as a model of womanhood and perfect discipleship. She shows us that we, too, can do the will of God by saying "Yes" to the Lord in the big and little things in our lives; nothing is too insignificant.
The Secret of Mary Explained to Children by Louis de Montfort and The Montfort Fathers $9.25
This book provides a practical guide and is filled with short stories, questions and illustrations for parents and teachers who want to help their children get a better understanding of Total Consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary.

Cardinal Newman Catechist Consultants — 8th April, 2018 — HANDOUTS n. 160
“Clear, brief and easily assimilated by all”
John L. Tierney, Teacher Extraordinary
A Tribute, by Ray McCulloch
Download as a PDF
RAY MCCULLOCH was a pupil of Fort Street Boys’ High School in 1931. On leaving school he became a teacher, then a psychologist and educational planner, and finally a professor of education.
In February, 1995, he wrote reminiscences about John L. Tierney for Mary McPherson, Historian and Archivist of the NSW Department of School Education:
JOHN TIERNEY was very different from the other two English teachers I remember — Charles Harrison, James Baxendale — and from the one or two others I had who were unremarkable enough then to be unrecallable now.
Charles Harrison, Master of the English Department and Deputy Headmaster, knew the public examination requisites and past examination papers in fine detail, followed with great care every word of the outlines in the Syllabus of Studies and stuck rigidly to suggested editions of the prescribed texts.
His comments on plot, character, style and so on were very often quotations read out from the current ‘cribs', which he recommended to us for purchase. His methods were appreciated by many pupils, particularly, I thought at the time, by those whose real interest lay outside the subject.
His undoubted success as a teacher was due to his being able to get to, and stay at, the level of the student who was battling with the subject. I later met other teachers teaching that way who illustrated the point that the easiest way to get anywhere is to be there.
BY CONTRAST, Jim Baxendale and John Tierney ignored to a great extent examinations and syllabuses, but in quite different ways.
Jim Baxendale used any writing being studied as an example of the creativity of the writer and challenged everyone in the class to analyse how the author had achieved his effects and then, using the writer's piece as a model, be equally as creative by writing a parallel piece.
He said regularly that no one had to be creative and that creativity had to be volunteered, so any proposals of his were simply suggestions or invitations.
But he was very severe on those few who did not hand in any suggested work on the due date. He told them that this was a school where people could choose to participate or not. If a pupil had chosen not to participate then he as a teacher would exercise the choice he had and would not have that pupil in his class that period. So the unfortunate pupil was stood out in the corridor.
After a week or two of this, all pupils got the message and handed in something, whether original or copied. He would then praise the class for all volunteering, collect the work and later pass it back. Every pupil’s work had a tick on it, with no further mark or comment, and was never referred to again.
WHEN I got to John Tierney, in Fifth Year, I took a new view of English as a subject. It came to life. John Tierney was, as far as I see him now, a very committed teacher who paid little or no attention to trends or fashionable slogans, but tried himself to live out the values of literature as he knew them to be, and to give his pupils enough view of him doing just that for them to start gaining the same commitment in the same direction. A true professional.
John Tierney put a lot of himself into his teaching of literature, at least to a Fifth Form [Leaving Certificate] class, which is where I had him for a year in 1931. He told us often what writing he liked and why, how he thought people formed and lost personal relationships, how, in his understanding, movements in history came about and dissolved.
His voice was fairly quiet, his fluent speech very easy to follow, and his eye contact with pupils very intense. As I recall it, everyone took him seriously and accepted without question that he was putting his all into every lesson.
The highlight of every week was Monday, when he handed hack our written assignments with his notes written everywhere there was space.
Other teachers used to give us a mark out of 10, and leave it at that. But his marginal notes suggested other ways of saying what we were trying to say, or other things we might have said, or books, stories and poems we might read to get better ideas of how to develop our thinking and writing...
What I earned away from that year with John Tierney was a recognition of the unlimited scope of literature, an awareness of the joy of reading as a lifestyle, and of its value in understanding myself and others.
Eric Rolls was author of They All Ran Wild on the various species of animals and plants imported into Australia, and how often they proved to be an ecological disaster, especially the rabbit. He gave Dad an autographed copy inscribed with a note thanking him for being a wonderful guide.
Don Hayward had been a Minister for Education in Victoria. In 1974, he wrote a short piece of 90 words for Melbourne’s The Age among ‘in briefs’ on ‘My Favourite Teacher’. If anyone can find that article on the web, please send me a copy. In 1998, Donald K. Hayward and Brian J. Caldwell co-authored The Future of Schools: Lessons from Reform of Public Education.
Father James Tierney
Comment on his father by Father James Tierney
JOHN TIERNEY (1892-1972), my father, named me 'James' — or 'Jim' for short — after his colleague and best friend, Jimmy Baxendale, who was killed in a tram smash just before I was born in 1935.
1 well remember Dad’s insistence that a teacher owed it to his pupils to read carefully every word they wrote.
His written comments on his pupils’ written work always began with SOMETHING ENCOURAGING and only then went on to the VERY NECESSARY CRITICISMS.
In his concluding years as a teacher, in the late 1940s, until his retirement in 1951, Dad, in his capacity as English Master at Homebush Boys’ High School, would assign to himself the ‘dud’ classes such as 3E.
These boys were doing their final year of schooling for the Intermediate Certificate. Most of them would go into trade courses at the Technical College, mainly in evening classes. Dad himself did some teaching at ‘Tech’, which has now mutated to TAFE, Technical and Further Education.
Dad thrived on doing something with those whom no one else wanted to teach. And he assigned the brighter classes to the younger teachers to give them the chance to prove their mettle.
He had a fascinating technique for classes such as 3E. On their first day together he would remind them they would be leaving school at the end of the year and so he had decided not to bother them with any work...
When the cheers subsided he pointed out that, as attendance at class was compulsory, he intended filling in time by reading them some interesting stories. It would be entertaining, he said.
In the outcome, they turned out what for them was quality work, including written work. They realized they had been conned but they didn't mind.
Dad had never wanted to be a teacher. He longed to be a farmer. Growing up on a small holding of about 80 acres at Eurunderee, a locality north of Mudgee, he would have liked to stay there.
He was the youngest of ten of whom seven survived infancy. One of the earlier children who died had also been named John, which was after their father, John Tierney, 1838-1891.
But it didn’t pay its way. They were so poor they couldn’t afford kerosene or even candles, and managed at night on slush lamps, burning a smoky flame from animal fat in a saucer, saved from the cooking. So they joined the exodus from rural life into the city, where he supported his aging mother (1854-1927) by becoming a teacher, first in primary, then secondary, and later tertiary teaching.
Only in retirement, 1951-1972, was he ‘back on a farm' growing lots of vegetables and at least 80 orange trees on our four fifths of an acre at Beecroft.
SUBSEQUENTLY, in the early 1970s, I used a kindred trick (technique?) with my Year 8 boys in a Catholic ‘Scripture’ class at the State high school in Ryde parish.
Towards the end of a term I announced that there would definitely NOT be any exam. That was popular!
Then I continued, “But the Archbishop might want to know if I have been teaching you properly.”
That puzzled them, but sounded harmless. I continued, “He might say to me, ‘Have they really learnt anything?”’ Here I paused, to let this sink in.
Then 1 looked at them earnestly, and added, “Well, have you really learnt anything? Or have I been wasting your time?”
The novelty of this possibility had not occurred to them. 1 went on, “The only way to find out is for you to answer these questions...” and I wrote them on the blackboard and handed out the inevitable pieces of paper. “Please answer them as well as you can. Then I shall be able to give an accurate report to the Archbishop. He will probably expect me do better and to teach you much more clearly in the future...” They, too, knew they were being conned and they didn’t mind either. They went at it willingly.
It was at this time I was writing A Programme for Apostles of Christ in High School, printed in 1972. It provided the alternative for the disastrous programmes to which the then Sydney’s Confraternity of Christian Doctrine launched in 1971.
It was trialled by me and eight catechists. It proved the falsehood of the official assertion that, “If you think you can teach doctrine to the teenagers of the 1970s you’re sadly mistaken.”
Well, the nine of us were doing it quite successfully and other parishes adopted it as well. It was taken up by a rearguard of orthodoxy in some Catholic High Schools — until banned by strenuous efforts of a trendy dictatorial Catholic Education Office.
Apostles of Christ was an overall plan of 9 lessons for each of the then three terms of the first four years of high school. It was not meant for novice teachers, and in 1975 I produced duplicated detailed notes and blackboard summaries in Teacher’s Manuals.
OTHER WRITERS on teaching
Gilbert highet in The Art of Teaching says a teacher must wed his own firm purpose with pleasant good humour, and so be capable of instilling incentive and arousing desire for truth, beauty, goodness and God in tertiary, secondary, primary schooling.
JACQUES BRAZUN in The House of Intellect is scathing on modem pussy-footing in teaching. He repudiated his popular acclaim as a ‘great educationist’. He said, “I am a teacher. An education is far too vast for one man or even one institution.”
Father James Tierney

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Cardinal Newman Catechist Consultants — 24th May, 2018 — HANDOUTS n. 162
“Clear, brief and easily assimilated by all”
The Way Forward
Download as a PDF
O GOD, Thou hast made me live in a terrible age.” Thus prayed St Athanasius, even as he fought for the faith against the 4th century heresies.
“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” lamented Frodo. To which Gandalf replied, “So do all who live to see such times. But it is not for them to decide. All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given us.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, chapter 2.
Thus does fantasy fiction provide Christian counsel — see his Tree and Leaf to understand how.
The Shadow of the Past
Imagine yourself living in the 1st century of the apostolic Church: “Stone them!” cried the delinquent adherents of the Old Covenant. “Christians to the lions!” screamed the brutal populace living under the cruel Roman emperors.
Imagine yourself living in the 16" century, with the likelihood, or at least the high risk, of being hung, drawn and quartered, or burnt to death, or a grim gory decapitation as the price for upholding “the faith once delivered to the saints”; (Jude 1:3).
SEE, JUDGE, ACT, accept, adjust, achieve
OUR NEW PERSECUTORS mock morality, decency and common sense and thrive on cruelty. They have weaseled their way to gain dictatorial control of most of tertiary, secondary and primary schooling and much of the media, also of political parties, the public service, the judiciary and tribunals.
In times past the libertines used slogans such as "free thought” and “free speech” as their battering rams to bludgeon acceptance of filth and falsehood.
Now they use their ill-gotten power to oppress and suppress any idea or ideal excepting only their own ideas and ideals notable for lack of common sense, for promotion of indecency and the destruction of morality as in the Ten Commandments of natural moral law which is that natural morality born into man; (cf. Romans 1:19-20; 2:15;see Handouts nn. 156-159.
Read your Bible. Read Church history. Read lives of the saints, and not just the martyrs but all who made a “good confession” (i.e. told the truth):-
Fight the good fight of the faith;
take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made the good confession
in the presence of many witnesses.
In the presence of God who gives life to all things,
and of Christ Jesus Who in his testimony before Pontius
Pilate made the good confession
I charge you to keep die commandments unstained. 1 Timothy 6:12-14b

Indeed all who desire to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.    2 Timothy 3:12
Dare to be a Daniel,

Dare to stand alone;
Dare to have a purpose true
And dare to make it known.    Daniel 1 :8; 6:16; 14:31
·         privatize the ABC; sell it off by auction;
·         privatize state schools; sell them off by auction;
·         restore parent-power to educate their children;
·         curriculum controlled by parents;
·         charter schools paid from taxes owned by parents;
·         stop the Freudian-Marxists corrupting children;
·         no multiculturalism: integrate/assimilate migrants;
·         promote freedom of thought and free speech, foundational for creatures with intelligence and free will, and basic for freedom of religion; and only limited by human duty not to damage others by murder, adultery, theft, calumny and detraction;
CON-JOB (confidence-trickster job)
TODAY’S governments are largely made up of the Godless without moral conviction and conscience, or worse, of anti-God philosophy with an inhuman agenda of death.
Both sexes in government tolerate unisex or are even its virulent promoters — the old fierce feminist revolutionaries are now swept aside by even fiercer gender-benders.
Remember, we must love our enemies while we detest the evils they promote. We must love them towards repentance.
The tolerators of evil maintain their popularity for re-election by hand-outs. It’s a rerun of the ‘bread & circuses’ formula of the Roman emperors 2,000 years ago. The ancients used military force and brutal executions, and kept the populace at peace with entertainments of violent combat of gladiators or cruel public torture of Christians. This went hand in hand with a permissive immorality, in particular, divorce and disordered sex. Divorce destabilized marriage and hence the upbringing of children in virtue and upright character.
Excerpt from Parkinson’s Law or the Pursuit of Progress by Cyril Northcote Parkinson, 1958.
THE modern tendency is to trust in various methods of election, with results that are almost invariably disastrous. Were we to turn to the fairy stories we learned in childhood, we should realize that at the period to which these stories relate far more satisfactory methods were in use.
When the king had to choose a man to marry his eldest or only daughter and so inherit the kingdom, he normally planned some obstacle course from which only the right candidate would emerge with credit; and from which indeed (in many instances) only the right candidate would emerge at all.
For imposing such a test the kings of that rather vaguely defined period were well provided with both personnel and equipment. Their establishment included magicians, demons, fairies, vampires, werewolves, giants and dwarfs. Their territories were supplied with magic mountains, rivers of fire, hidden treasures, and enchanted forests.
It might be urged that modern governments are in this respect less fortunate. This, however, is by no means certain.
An administration able to command the services of psychologists, alienists, statisticians, and efficiency experts is not perhaps in a worse (or better) position than one relying on hidden crones and fairy godmothers. An administration equipped with movie cameras, television apparatus, radio networks, and X-ray machines would not appear to be in a worse (or better) position than one employing magic wands, crystal balls, wishing wells, and cloaks of invisibility. Their means of assessment would seem, at any rate, to be strictly comparable.
All that is required is to translate the techniques of the fairy story into a form applicable to the modem world...
Virtue, our “Way Forward”
TODAY the world of man is polluted with the smog of immorality — all Ten Commandments “are broke” (see Moses, Exodus 32:19 in context of idolatry).
This is especially so of modem idolatry, murder and adultery: they’re anti-Creator and pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia, worshiping their reproductive organs as the new Golden Calf.
Teachers in schools are called on to be agents of Freudian-Marxism (see Kengor, Takedown). A new baby can be registered as unisex so they can switch back and forth from boy to girl later on.
Government forms no longer want M or F in a box. Yet the last census showed most citizens had not been brainwashed yet.
Be ready for the wicked question, “What’s your sexual preference?” — any answer at all will be acceptable, except to reply, “Virtue!”
“Sexual preference” will be replaced by a "Gender declaration” with a note in small print that this is not expected to be the same as yesterday or tomorrow.
THE Gender-Benders do not believe in marriage — at least, not in the what was formerly called matrimony between a man and woman, to the exclusion of all others, freely entered into, pledged for life, with the intention of having children and educating them in Godliness and humanity.
In other words, “marriage” will become a word exclusively for same-sex couples coupling!
The evolution of ideas in today’s gender-benders began further back by asserting that science was in opposition to religion. It never was, of course. Good science was really an argument for a Creator.
Now we have the gender-benders rejecting sexual genetics, sex hormones and experience of male and female. They’re batty, and we ought to say so.
Those who once wanted to conceal their Miss or Mrs behind the mask of Ms will now have to homogenize or emulsify their abbreviations with the most hated of all, ‘Mr’ — “for only man is vile”! No more Ms!
Will everyone become an M? Will anyone be willing to say what it stands for? Or will it be simpler to preface all names with GB, for “GENDER BENT "? It’s a denial of reality and of common sense!
Violets are red, roses are blue,
We’re confused and you’ll be too.
If you’re not, we’ll make you see,
Anything at all except reality
Our rainbow once was pink and blue,
But now it's murky grey like stew.
SEX is not an evolutionary accident !
Sex in man and woman is God’s cunning design for reproduction, so that husband and wife co-operate with the Creator to make saints of each other and procreate and educate their children for Heaven.
Everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity. Physical, moral, and spiritual difference and complementarity are oriented toward the goods of marriage and the flourishing of family life. The harmony of the couple and of society depends in part on the way in which the complementarity, needs, and mutual support between the sexes are lived out. CCC n. 2333
Remember the battle cry of Vatican II euphoria, ecclesia semper reformanda, “the Church is always to be reformed”. Reformers are not keen on someone else reforming them — and they often need it.
Reform of all members of the Church is more urgent than ever. The Devil is hurling regiments of demons (i.e. fallen angels), human spies, quislings and guerillas into the front line of the spiritual battle on earth, the battle for each immortal soul, whose outcome decides whether God or the Devil will say, “Mine!”
Satan’s minions aim to drag immortal souls into the kingdom of his hate. He hates everyone, everything. In Hell, everyone hates everyone else. The lost souls hate their Father Below and each other, as well as God, their Father Above, He Whom they spurned in life and now forever (cf. C.S. Lewis).
The Devil specializes in the sins against Hope, in presumption and despair. He likes cynicism, gloom and gloomy negatives, and keeps nagging that:

* The world is in a mess.
* Australia is in a mess.
* The Church throughout the world is in a mess.

* The Church in Australia is in a mess.

Note the half-truths. They are a smoke screen to conceal all the good being done and unnoticed moral miracles of grace triumphing over sin.
God specializes in repentance, believing, hoping, loving. God’s particular genius is in using sinners to reform other sinners and unbelievers.
The Church’s work, Christ’s own mission, is to turn sinners into saints. So there’s plenty we can do to mend the mess. We start on ourselves.
And we won’t get bogged down in illusory plans.
·         supply new tax payers for the bloated welfare budget;
·         save scoffers from getting ‘put down like dogs’ in old age;
·         stabilize marriage covenant and revoke anti-family laws;
·         abolish anti-discrimination tribunals;
·         ensure a secure child, eager adolescent, mature adults;
·         value life, especially of unborn babies and the aged;
·         hand on the love of God and of life;
·         hand on the faith once delivered to the saints;
·         remind others of natural morality and supernatural virtues;
·         pray daily, Sunday Mass; Friday Penance; Confess monthly;
·         value human hearts above money and possessions;
·         use possession well, never be enslaved by them;
·         built social support networks by extended family;
·         let your children cheer up small families and the childless.
Father James Tierney
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