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Faith Resources Newsletter - Number 83 - February-March 2019

[The 71 year old bishop] would sometimes enter a church at 8pm and leave at 7am, having  heard  confessions, confirmed  and  married people all night. I asked if he ever gave general absolution, and he answered simply: “No, there is no need.” He was a true minister of Jesus Christ, willing to sacrifice his own comfort so that each soul could have a personal encounter with the Divine Master.
Fr John Flader in "Why Go to Confession" (published by Catholic Truth Society)

Message from the Manager
Welcome to the latest email newsletter of Cardinal Newman Faith Resources. The last of Father’s Handouts from his 2020 Plenary Council Submission is included in this edition so we ask that you take the time to read them. We are now half way through Lent; a time of extra prayer, sacrifices and almsgiving. Each and every one of our penances are a pointer to the Church’s greatest feast, the glorious Resurrection of Christ which we celebrate on Easter Sunday.
Our Church, Christ’s bride, and the beautiful wise truths of Catholicism are being pummelled on all sides. For some time now the media and the secular society in which we live sought to destroy the Catholic Faith, which Christ founded, the Church upon which our culture has been built. Sadly, these enemies of Christ want to do away with God, not realising how much God loves them and how much they need Him. When He died on the Cross, Christ died for all of our sins, even the sins of His adversaries, and He rose from the dead to open the gates of Heaven for each and every one of us. In other words He loves us all. Let us make this a special Lent and intensify our prayers, increase our works, offer all our sufferings and our almsgiving to help Christ’s bride recover. We have greater weapons than all the armies in the world: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the sacraments and the Holy Rosary. Along with our prayers, taking the time for an extra Mass each week, more frequent Confession and an extra rosary each day can move mountains but more importantly convert our enemies.
We are very excited to announce that our online store is now up and running once again. Many people are finding it easier to use but if you have any problems or suggestions we are happy to help and try new avenues. The store is accessible via the website   or directly at Unfortunately, the new system will not accept our old images so we are working hard to re-scan and re-take photos. This is time consuming but is progressing. If you need to see a product that has no image please ring and we will send one by text or email. There are many affordable CDs, DVDs, statues, booklets and books available this year for Lent and Easter that will deepen our faith and bring us closer to Christ, uniting us with his sufferings. Some are new and others have been republished. All are highly recommended.
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Thank you for your patience and your help. May God bless you all readers, volunteers and beneficiaries and may he grant you a Blessed Lent.
Gai Smith

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The purpose of this booklet is to help those who make use of the sacrament to appreciate it more, and to encourage those who do not, to reconsider its many benefits. Describing the sacrament as 'one of the greatest treasures of the Catholic Church', this booklet considers both the human and spiritual perspectives of Confession. It includes notes on examination of conscience and a helpful Rite to Confession itself.
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Cardinal Newman Catechist Consultants — 3rd September, 2018
“Clear, brief and easily assimilated by all”
Part 4.
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Matrimony is for the CONCEPTION of SAINTS in the COMMUNION of Saints
Two other sacraments, Holy Orders and Matrimony, are directed towards the salvation of others; if they contribute as well to personal salvation, it is through service to others that they do so.
They confer a particular mission in the Church and serve to build up the People of God. (ccc n. 1534) Catholic Marriage is the Sacrament of Matrimony, meaning “making mothers”. Only a woman can be a mother. Only a man can make her so. Its purpose is to populate the earth with images of God and to populate Heaven with saints. The word “marriage” is from Latin maritus, a married man, i.e. a husband, from hus, a house, and band, bound, in other words, “bound to a house”, not meaning “hen-pecked”, but bound by solemn pledge to a home, to wife and their children.
God’s master plan was revealed to Adam and Eve:
And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue
it; and have dominion... over every living thing that moves upon the earth” (Genesis 1:28).
And after their Fall came the difficulties:
To Adam He said, because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the tree of
which I commanded you, “You shall not eat of it,” cursed is the ground... in toil you shall eat of it...
thorns and thistles it shall bring forth... In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return
to the ground, for... you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” (Genesis 3:17-19)
To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth
children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.” (Genesis 3:16)
Truth, Beauty, Goodness and God in matrimony can defeat the sexual deviations of
contraception, divorce, perversion, pornography, abortion, euthanasia
CONTRACEPTION — negating the conception of a child
From the early 1960s, before Humana Vitae on 25 July, 1968, many Catholics began practising contraception by pills, condoms, inter-uterine devices, interrupted intercourse and other deviations.
Contraception is closely linked to many other evils against marriages — fornication, adultery and divorce; and, due to a perverted idea of man's sovereignty over his life, to the perversions of the sexual powers ranging from masturbation to sodomy, and others.
The greatest damage of contraception is a deeply spiritual crisis in faith, hope and charity, plus psychological and physical damage. It ignores the spirituality of ascesis and mortification (ccc n. 2015). It is disastrous for union of husband and wife. It rejects acceptance of one's sexuality (ccc n.. 2333).
Dissenting seminary lecturers and visiting “experts” bullied bishops and priests into silence. This was detrimental to their own chastity, ministry, and encouraging vocations. It engendered in clergy and laity a revolt against the magisterium in many other matters. It is spiritually fatal.
Yet Blessed Paul VI accurately prophesied four outcomes of defying God, His plan and His law:-
(1) infidelity in marriage and general lack of morality;
(2) men, especially youth, with little respect for women, treating them as things for selfish enjoyment;
(3) governments promoting or enforcing immorality;
(4) man making up his own morality and losing his self-discipline and capacity to bring up the youth of the nation as morally responsible to God.                                                           (Humanae Vitae n. 17)
Today, we can add another five to his list:-
(5) Divorcing motherhood and fatherhood from true femininity and masculinity, from home and family. Wives opt for paid work over being full-time home-makers, husbands cease to be head of family and primary bread winners.
(6) Feminist unisex doctrine declares the sexes are inter-changeable; hence much psycho-sexual confusion in adolescents, and a flood of immoral attitudes and sinful practices.
(7) Sodomy, by social engineering, is now “political correct”, equated with marriage and reducing it to nothing: it can’t procreate children or unite man and woman, and spreads diseases of body and soul to practitioners and society.
(8) Abortion is brazenly claimed as “a woman’s right”, whereas it is a human wrong; and “terminating a pregnancy” is in fact terminating a baby which is wilful murder.   (Handouts n. 102, February, 2014)
(9) Sinful communions, few children; most Catholics lapsed, few for lay apostolate, marriage, priesthood, religious life.
PERSUASIVE REASONS — rationes convenientiae
Spouses who do not contracept need to tell bishops that Christians in earnest find it quite practical.
Contraception is divorcing what God has joined, namely the procreative primary essential purpose, and the secondary essential purpose of uniting husband and wife in a permanent and self-sacrificing complementarity. In George Bernard Shaw’s blunt language, contraception is mutual masturbation, a disordered sexuality. Indeed, this was the view of all Christians before 1930 and even many till the 1950s.
Sinners need encouragement to recognize contraception as an addictive erroneous attitude, and to confess sins of contraception. It is like giving up smoking, and requires a big struggle.
PUBLIC WITNESS — lest vice triumph due to the silence of the otherwise virtuous
Professor Jordan Peterson from Canada says he is agnostic and not a Christian. His 12 Rules for Sanity and avoiding chaos are a good start. Christians are even better off with God’s Ten Commandments. We must emulate the professor in his courage and courtesy in confronting the aggressive bullies on the TV panels. He practises assertive confrontation without any lack of courtesy. He openly rejects the errors of feministic unisex and femspeak. We can take to heart the challenge set for St Paul, in Acts 9:15-16.
COMPLEMENTARITY of the sexes — say “NO” to unisex interchangeability!
Everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity. Physical, moral, and spiritual difference and complementarity are oriented toward the goods of marriage and the flourishing of family life. The harmony of the couple and of society depends in part on the way in which the complementarity, needs, and mutual support between the sexes are lived out. (ccc a 2333; also n. 2393)
DIVORCE and attempted re-marriage
• divorce flows from false ideas of individualism, unisex, and emotional affection without justice;
• it ignores the keeping of promises even with intolerable consequences ("for better, for worse"), and observing prohibitions, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" - these truths are in Sacred Scripture and found even in fairy stories.
PERVERSION is nourished by PORNOGRAPHY and sexual miseducation in school
In 1965, VCII referred briefly to sex-education (Gravissimum Educations §I):
As they grow older they should receive a positive and prudent education in matters relating to sex.
The context was an upbringing at home. Sydney's Catholic Education Office usurped the home and applied it to schools. Since then.. "Sex-education" (even in some "Catholic" schools) began by reducing human sexual love to mere plumbing, plus "safe-sex" to avoid diseases - such as pregnancy(!).
Soon sex-education elevated fornication to a national sport in a fully fornicating· society. Currently, sex education defends sodomy and same-sex "marriages". But worse is coming ... with gender-bending.
MATRIMONY better word than MARRIAGE - and a radical suggestion
In the CCC, "sacrament of marriage" and "sacrament of matrimony" occur about 15 times each without obvious distinction. However, the Australian Government has now effectively abolished marriage by reducing it to a loving relationship. The Church might avoid Anti-Discrimination Commissions by decommissioning priests as civil celebrants. Catholics could receive the Sacrament of Matrimony in church and not bother with civil marriage, yet enjoy the legal and financial rights of the de facto.
PREPARATION for the SACRAMENT of MATRIMONY, Holy Orders and Religious Life
1. Living virtuously - a minimum standard is the Ten·Commandments, then add the Sermon on the Mount.
2. Growing in virtue - minimum is trying to grow each day, along with the mortification·of saying "no" to oneself.
3. Devout, enlightened and frequent reception of Holy· Communion and making· regular Confession;
4. Seeking to discern one's vocation from God's Will revealed in one's talents and the needs of others.
(CCC nn. 2226 parental help; 784 baptismal priesthood; 1603 marriage, 2369 parenthood& 1656 family; consecrated life of Religious 915).
Matrimony & Family
O MERCIFUL GOD, pour out Your graces
on husbands and wives united in the holy covenant
of sacramental matrimony,
so that in all life’s difficulties, by giving and forgiving,
they may grow in patient kindness
as they co-operate with You, eternal Father,
in forming saints for this world and the next
by sanctifying each other and their children,
and to bring Your light and love
into many blind and loveless lives,
through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Blessed Mary, Mother of God,
and Blessed foster father, Joseph, pray for us.
St Joachim and St Anne, pray for us; St Monica, pray for us.
St Stephen of Hungary, pray for us; St Edward the Confessor, pray for us.
St Margaret of Scotland, pray for us; St Louis of France pray for us.
St Elizabeth of Portugal, pray for us; St Thomas More, pray for us.
St Louis and St Ze1ie Martin, pray for us..
Father, keep me mindful
that all my powers of body and soul
belong to Thee Who created them,
and at the price of Christ’s Cross I was bought back
to make me by my Baptism
a living temple of the Holy Spirit:
grant me mastery
of my passions, appetites and mental life,
respect for the opposite sex
and esteem for my own;
grant me integrity in the virtues
for my Christian state of life,
to consecrate my body and soul to Thy service
in all purity,
and may Mother Mary ever-Virgin watch over me,
through Christ our Lord. Amen.
I am not my own, but bought at a price
and must glorify God in my body, (cf. l Cor 6:20; & 3:16)
Father James Tierney

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Cardinal Newman Catechist Consultants — 8th September, 2018
“Clear, brief and easily assimilated by all”

Priesthood is for the CONCEPTION of SAINTS in the COMMUNION of Saints

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IDEAS and IDEALS for vitality in the priesthood
A bishop fulfills his ministry through his priests, his co-workers in Christ's ministry of Prophet,
Priest and King (CCL cc. 375§1 & 519), to activate the lay faithful Contrast sentences 2 and 3:
In the Church there is diversity of. ministry but unity of mission.
To the Apostles and their successors Christ bas entrusted the office of
teaching, sanctifying and governing in His name and by His power.
But the laity are made to share in the priestly, prophetical and kingly office of Christ;
they have therefore in the Church and in the world their own assignment in the mission of the whole “People of God.” (VCII AA §2, on Apostolate of the Laity)
See pp. 27-28 for Bishops and Priests, Teachers of the Faith, Teachers of Teachers.
Bishops and priests as pastors guarding Christ's flock, preaching all that God has decreed, must not
be "dumb dogs that cannot bark" (Isaiah 56:10) or silent spectators, nor "hirelings that flee when the wolf comes" (cf. St Boniface, Liturgy of the Hours vol III p. 41*; also. John 10:12,13).
• Priests must not "contracept the Gospel", deluding sinners with silence or falsehoods on contraception, and never become Satan's "a lying spirit in the mouth of all Baal's prophets (1 Kings 22:22).
Utilize the parish hall for one-off lectures or courses in Parental Catechetics and Adult Education.
We need to equip selected laity, priests and bishops to confront in all courtesy the TV panels where ex-priests or cafeteria Catholics are usually called upon for their opinions, but not for the Church's or God's "opinion" - the agnostic Professor Jordan Peterson shows us how, as long ago did the Catholic Evidence Guild on Sunday afternoons in the parks, in soap-box oratory.
Unisex interchangeability of male and female was first a feminist falsehood now taken over (to their chagrin) by the Gender-Benders and their absurd lack of observation, biology and psychology. Just as in 1939 "the old, old truth dawned on Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England, that ultimately force must be met by force," and he declared war, so we too must stop appeasing Freudian-Marxists and other atheists, amoral and/or immoral aggressors, and proclaim the riches of Christ's Good News.
• A diocese should not burden busy priests with live-ins and conferences, meetings often held for the sake of meetings, with topics chosen as an afterthought, and sometimes to the detriment of faith and ministry. The priest's ministry is disrupted often enough by parish exigencies. When there is a real need, priests of the diocese with successful pastoral experiences or scholarship might be preferred. to imports: it's good for bonding the· priests together and ensuring orthodoxy of faith and morals.
Permanent appointments: "The parish priest... is to be appointed for an indeterminate period of time ... " (CCL c. 522). The next sentence has a concession for a limited appointment which cannot justify six year appointments as normative. Imagine six year appointments for bishops - or the Pope! Even fiction mocks it:-
Power goes with permanence. Impermaneace is impotence. Rotation is castration.
Responsibility Without Power - the prerogative of the eunuch throughout the ages.
YES PRIME MINISTER vol. Ill, p 218
Each state's Profession Standards Resource Group conducts Towards Healing to deal with priests accused of child sexual abuse. Presumption of guilt is automatic, evidence favourable to the accused is withheld, and Ordinaries of dioceses impose suspension at once, ignoring canonical procedures:
If the Ordinary believes that the matter should proceed by way of an extra-judicial decree:
1 ° he is to notify the accused of the allegation and the proofs, and give an opportunity for defence
2° together with two assessors, he is accurately to weigh all the proofs and arguments ... (c. 1720).
At any stage of the process, to prevent scandal, protect· the freedom of witnesses and safeguard the
·course of justice, the Ordinary can suspend the priest (Canon 1722). -
However, premature suspension could be a scandal. Untested accusations ignore the possibility of false witness. Episcopal approval of Towards Healing is itself ultra vires, a violation of canon 87§1 in dispensing from procedural law, besides the detailed requirements of canon 1720. Canon Jaw is meant to safeguard justice for all.
Celibacy is not the problem, rather celibacy is the solution. See "Married to the Church", pp 37-38.
Sacrificial or consecrated priestly celibacy encourages married people to persevere, to banish all thought of adultery and divorce: it's a sort of "demo" against sexual sins. Also wives divorce husbands "married to their work" (cf. Matthew 6:24). And sacrificial celibacy it is of itself even more noble than marriage:-
recognize the greater excellence of virginity consecrated to Christ. (VCII OT “Training of Priests” n. l0b).
Also in fantasy fiction:
When things are in danger, some one has to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them.    The Lord of the Rings last chapter, J.R.R. Tolkien
Part 1: CHRIST - restore the Sense of the Sacred and the adoration of God to the liturgy
and rescue lax and lazy Catholics, disbelievers and unbelievers from the Devil, for Christ.
Part 2: CATECHETICS - teach the Apostles' Creed: Trinity, Incarnation, Holy Spirit, the Church,
on which depend the Sacraments and the Covenant Commandments and the Prayers.
Part 3: CONFESSION - restore regular repentance for the daily outbreaks of Original Sin
and confess/profess the truths of reason, faith and morals of Christ's Good News.
Part 4: CONCEPTION of saints - Matrimony and Priesthood.
Catholic Marriage would be better spoken of as the Sacrament of Matrimony;
its greatest problem is contraception and a related surrender to unisex doctrine & attitudes.
Priesthood is part of the servant hierarchy, for God's glory and helping sinners to become saints.
Before we can help reform other Catholics, we must reform ourselves. (See Matthew 7:3-5)
We must take strident measures against the Devil and his insidious snares. (See 1 Peter 5:8-9)
The Devil works incessantly to alienate us from the Gospel and whittle away our virtue.
Spirituality is the key to all reform. The soul of the apostolate is the interior life of the soul.
The interior life with God depends on oral prayer, meditative prayer, contemplative prayer.
No reformer of self or of others can neglect prayer. See Catena Aurea on p. 8. And:
MEDITATE the relationship of mysteries with one another and with the last end of man
An example from the Glorious Mysteries: the Ascension is. Christ taking His Resurrection into Heaven; Pentecost is sharing His Resurrection; the Assumption is Our Lady's share in His Resurrection; her Crowning the Resurrection triumph of the Incarnation manifested to all the angels and saints.
WHEN REASON, enlightened by faith, seeks diligently, piously and modestly, it obtains, by God's gift, some understanding of mysteries, and that very profitable one. It does so partly from the analogy of those things it knows naturally, partly from the interrelationship of mysteries with one another and with the last end of man. But never is reason rendered capable of penetrating mysteries as it penetrates truths that constitute its proper object. For by their nature, divine mysteries so far surpass the created intellect that, even when transmittecl by revelation and received by faith, they remain covered with the veil of faith itself, and shrouded in a certain obscurity as long as, in this mortal life, "... we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight." (2 Corinthians 5:6-7)
From Vatican Council I in 1870, Dei Filius chapter 4, Denzinger-Schonmetzer n. 3013 ( old Denziger-Bannwart n. 1796)
Our values are under attack, and have been intensely so since the 1960s, and our catechetics has served only to weaken them further. Catechetical fads have impoverished or perverted several generations of Catholics who were left weaponless and naked to the enemies of God and commandments and conscience. Indeed, the catechetical experts bamboozled the bishops, conned the parish priests and betrayed the ancient loyalties of the faithful, who were then expected to finance their own destruction.
This failure has also betrayed our beloved Australia. Our politicians, public service, academics and media have surrendered to atheism, amorality and immorality. We might have saved some of them if the faithful generally and the youth in particular had been properly evangelized and catechized.
Pope St John XXIII is chiefly remembered for inaugurating VCII. Cardinal Lecaro said of him,
"We have the men of the monographs who are helpful on a particular subject;
we have men of the manuals who help with the systematic treatment of theology of the recent past.
but John XXIII was a man of the sources" (i.e. a true radical; getting to the root foundation of things).
We too can be "men of the sources", of Scripture, the Fathers, the Magisterium and the saints.
Father James Tierney

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Cardinal Newman Catechist Consultants — 14th September, 2018
“Clear, brief and easily assimilated by all”
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Married to the Church - Priestly Sacrificial Celibacy
The Apostles' Creed

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Currently, Father Tierney, while in his old age studying for his "Finals", is working on:
• A Millennium Edition of the Prayer Book Heart Speaks to Heart, for which the new prayers in this submission are destined.
• The Catholic Family CatechIST (sic) being a teacher's manual for the Catholic Family Catechism to help mothers, fathers, older siblings, other catechists or Catholic school teachers to acts as heralds of the revelation of the Lord Jesus to His modern disciples and also to help those slow to believe.
• A Scripture Rosary of 200 scripture texts, one for each Hail Mary, to "see" through the eyes of Christ's greatest disciple. It is primarily for private meditation, and not to be "inflicted" by surprise on those unwilling for a lengthened Rosary - as has sometimes happened with such things.
• Further Handouts on appear more or less monthly, as well as posted out about three monthly on request to the Cardinal Newman Faith Resources Inc. as above.
• A further adventure story, New Boys' Bush Rescue. The Bush Boys stories, written primarily to entertain and instruct, illustrate the bushy "doctrine" of the Australian Bush Catechism of Camping (pp. 33-34) within a "life-and-death situational catechesis" of an exciting story. This is in stark contrast to so-called Religious Education that deals in "life-situations" without Christian doctrine to guide the young disciple.
• An index to the themes and theology of· the Patristic readings in The Liturgy of the Hours.
• This submission to the bishops for the Plenary Council will appear later as ten Handouts on They will emphasize the New Evangelization of VCII and with the same purpose "that the Sacred Deposit of Christian Doctrine be guarded and aught more efficaciously" (see p. 5), in the Church and the world of today - a New Evangelization and definitely not the negations of the New Paradigm. ·
Development of Doctrine
A reading from the first notebook of St Vincent of Lerins
IS THERE to be no development of doctrine in Christ's Church? Certainly there should be great development.
Who could be so grudging towards his fellow-men and so hostile to God as to try to prevent it? But care should be taken to ensure that it really is development of the faith and not alteration. Development implies that each point of doctrine is expanded within itself, while alteration suggests that a thing has been changed from what it was into something different.
It is desirable then that development should take place, and that there should be a great and vigorous growth in the understanding knowledge and wisdom of every individual as well as of all the people, on the part of each member as well as of the whole Church, gradually over the generations and ages. But it must be growth within the limits of its own nature, that is to say within the framework of the same dogma and of the same meaning.
Let religion, which is of the spirit, imitate the processes of the body. For, although bodies develop over the years and their individual parts evolve, they do not change into something different. It is true that there is a great gap between the prime of youth and the maturity of later years, but the people who reach these later years are the same people who once were adolescents. So, although the size and outward appearance of any individual may change, it is still the same person, and the nature remains the same.
The limbs of infants are tiny, while those of young men are large, but they are the same limbs. The man has no more parts to his body than the little child: and if there are parts that appear with age and greater maturity they are already present earlier in embryo. As a result, it can be said that nothing new is produced in old men that was not already present in an undeveloped form when they were boys.
There is no doubt; then, that this is the correct and legitimate rule for development and the best and most striking order of growth, if the passage of years sees those parts evolve in the adult, which the Creator in his wisdom had prepared in him beforehand when he was a child.
But if the human form is changed into some shape that is not of its own kind, or at least if something is added or taken away·from the full complement of· its members, then the whole body must perish or become a monster or at least be weakened in some way. It is fitting, then, that Christian doctrine should follow these laws of development, so that with the passage of years it may be strengthened, with time it may make progress and with age may achieve greater profundity.
Long ago our ancestors sowed the seeds of the faith in the field of the Church. It would be quite incongruous and wrong if their descendants were·to reap the weeds of error in place of the harvest of truth.
Rather is it right and fitting that there should be no discrepancy between the final result and the beginning. From the seed that was planted, that is the teaching of the gospel, we should reap a harvest of wheat, that is the doctrine that has developed. So then, · when something evolves from those. first beginnings, as from seeds, it should now be received with joy and cultivated with care.
From The Liturgy of the Hours, 1974, Vol. III pp. 626-628 in Friday of Week 27.
Meaning of Sacred Dogmas cannot change
FOR THE TEACHING of the faith, which God bas revealed, has not been proposed as a philosophical discovery to be perfected by human ingenuity, but as a divine deposit handed over to the Spouse of Christ to be guarded faithfully and to be explained infallibly. Hence that meaning of sacred dogmas must perpetually be retained which Holy Mother Church has once declared; ·nor is that meaning ever to be abandoned under the pretext and name of a more profound comprehension. "Let, then, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom grow and advance mightily and strongly in individuals as well as in the community, in one man as well as in the Church as a whole, according to the degree proper to each age· .and each time; but only within their own domain, that is, with the same dogmas, the same meaning, the same sense.''*
Footnote: * Vincent of Lerins (as above).
From Vatican Council I in 1870, Dei Filius chapter 4, DS n. 3020 (DB n. 1800)
The unchangeable fundamentals of our Faith are. already in a brief formula, namely the Apostles' Creed. It summarizes the whole Bible, and· is the foundation of morals. Make sure its meaning is kept intact with Tradition. It holds the place of honour at the·end of these Appendices, pp. 39-40.
Father James Tierney

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